What We Do

LIHTC, HUD 811, Section 42

ND&S Management Company has immense experience in managing Low Income Housing Tax Credit properties and HUD 811 projects. Currently, ND&S manages 608 LIHTC units: 86 with Hampton Place homes in Alton, Illinois and 248 homes and apartments in Hyde Park Neighborhood in St. Louis, Missouri and many others throughout the St. Louis area. Moreover, ND&S manages 100 Section 42 apartments in The Grove Neighborhood and 112 in the Old North Neighborhood.

ND&S also provides management services to not-for-profit special needs providers who have developed rental units for their clients using low-income housing tax credits and/or other governmental subsidies. ND&S handles the compliance reporting required by the subsidy providers and investors. This allows the not-for-profit to concentrate their efforts on their clients and the direct mission of their organization.

Market Rate Apartments:

ND&S has a showcased specialty with market rate apartments in St. Louis’ central corridor. The company has clientele that span the many neighborhoods of the city: form the Crown Center to the Central West End and most spaces in between. ND&S stands apart in that it not only manages and maintains these units, but that it is exceptional at broadly marketing the developments to interested and appropriate potential tenants. ND&S has a vast understanding of the city-wide real estate market and the various environments that exist within the many neighborhoods of the St. Louis area. ND&S not only understands its current tenants, but the ND&S staff members are all experts at reaching and engaging an interested audience for every development it oversees.

Mixed Use Developments:

ND&S has extensive experience with mixed use developments, especially with those showcased in the Midtown St. Louis area. Additionally, ND&S manages mixed use properties that include market rate apartments and commercial properties in Old North St. Louis, Crown Square, Midtown Alley, Lafayette Square, South Grand Avenue and downtown St. Louis high-rise, commercial, and apartment buildings. ND&S is skilled at maintaining properties with various forms of tenants, each with different needs and expectations, under one roof. We excel at creating a space that is comforting to traditional apartment tenants, while including a suitable and profitable space for a storefront or booming restaurant.

Commercial Properties:

We have many commercial properties throughout the St. Louis area that are specifically directed for commercial use. ND&S is responsive to its commercial tenants, not only with their needs in mind, but also its customers, so that their business can be successful. ND&S staff has an extensive knowledge of the experts in the industry and often work with a team to help develop, create, and manage the perfect space for potential businesses. Additionally, ND&S has extensive knowledge of the necessary services needed to ensure a building operates smoothly throughout the year.

We are often inspired by the companies that fill our spaces and are honored to have the opportunity to support these local businesses. We look for opportunities to use our commercial tenant’s products and services every day in our work: from catering and retail to carpentry and design.

ND&S is a proud supporter of one of its tenants: Sun Café, the first commercial venture in the Hyde Park neighborhood in over a decade. Not only did ND&S play an influential role in helping the organization get off the ground, but it continues to work on neighborhood efforts with the Café Staff and leadership on a regular basis. If you get a chance, we highly recommend the peanut butter bombs for your sweet tooth cravings. To learn more CLICK HERE

Community Involvement:

ND&S has become a vital aspect of the redevelopment and beautification efforts of the neighborhoods it is involved in. Not only does ND&S staff ensure above average tenant relations, it also creates engagement opportunities for its community members.  Along with its residents, ND&S staff organizes events in the neighborhoods they work, such as National Night Out, Halloween events, back-to-school picnics, spring cleanup of the community garden, etc. Whenever possible, ND&S uses neighborhood businesses and residents as their outside vendors.

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